Boy Scout Troop 96

Troop Leadership Training Complete

A whopping 17 Scouts attended Troop Leadership Training held on Sunday, November 3.  Your troop leaders spent the first evening in Standard Time working on a variety of topics to make the troop stronger.  Through lecture and exercise, the Scouts reviewed the Stages of Group Dynamics, the basics of good planning, the application of the EDGE Method of training and just a hint of Leave No Trace principles.  Although the weather was getting cold as the sun set, we did well in our outdoor classroom out by the gear shed.  Thanks to all who participated and giving your time to improve the troop.  See who was there... (read more)

Richard W, Nathan C, Nick G, Alex K, Matthew S, Joey C, Eric O, Rahil V, Fritz K, Kyle J, Ethan D, Jacob S, David H, Christian M, Andrew G, Nick B, Zack L.



0 #1 Cheri Blenniss 2013-11-11 18:35
That's a great turnout!

Cheri Blenniss

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