Boy Scout Troop 96

Tent Stake Program

The PLC has voted to have each Scout purchase 5 stakes to be used to set up their tents.  In addition, the PLC decided that all Scouts would buy the same stake from the troop to be uniform.  Between 2 Scouts there will be 10 stakes to set up the tent.  This will prevent further damage to the "loops" and since each Scout owns their own there will be less chance of losing one and having it get caught in mowing equipment and injuring someone.  The new tent stakes have arrived and are available for purchase.  They are orange for high visibility and are quite robust.  Cost is $1 each - 5 for $5.  We will begin selling them to individuals starting Monday.  Adults may also buy stakes for the same price.  As an added incentive to keep the stakes in good shape, when a Scout leaves the troop he may re-sell the stakes back to the troop for half price if they are in good condition.

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