Boy Scout Troop 96

MaKaJaWan 2015- What a Blast!

Thursday PM Update


All's well in beautiful Camp MaKaJaWan.  The Scouts are amazing!

We enjoyed a great troop campfire last night.  The weather is phenomenal and the bugs are hardly a topic of discussion.

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We're here. It's fun. End of story!

Actually, 44 Scouts and 14 adults are here and we're all having a great time in the Northwoods. A bit of rain on Monday did not to slow the Scouts or the activities. We were busy from 6:15 wake up till Lights Out at 10. Tuesday has bright sunshine and cool temperatures: perfect for a full day in camp.  The cool temps also means hardly any bugs!

Scouts are are finding it easy to get into camp's routine. No one has been lost or confused about where or when to go. Our acting SPL Matthew S is running the troop and there's not to much to say except, "Do we have to come back?"

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