Boy Scout Troop 96

June 2013 Big trip

Troop 96 headed west on June 14 with 49 people traveling in six vehicles.  We had a fantastic trip.  Our first "scenic" destination was the Spam Museum (and gift shop!) in Austin, MN.  Who knew "real" Spam was so popular?  We then proceeded to visit, in order:  Wall Drug, Devil's Tower National Monument, the town of Deadwood, Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, Needles Highway, Jewel Cave, Minuteman Missile Site National Monument, the Badlands and Pipestone National Monument. 

Along the way, we had great campsites, amazing food, good times and lots of fun.  There was some rain (!) towards the end of the trip, but it's not a campout unless it rains, right?

 Next time, we want you to join us!

Click here to check out some of the photos.

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