Technology Guidelines in Troop 96

Effective 01 March 2013, the troop is adopting new guidelines to help incorporate the use of technology in Scouting.  The attached file"Technology Guidelines and the Scout Law" was drafted and reviewed by the Troop Committee, the Scoutmaster Program Staff and the Patrol Leader's Council.

All Scouts and registered leaders are expected to implement the Guidelines as part of their personal use of technology in Scouting.

Rather than create a series of "DO's and DONT's," the troop is relying on the Scout Law to guide our next steps.  Please read and use the Guidelines.

Scouts will need to have a signed Techno-Chip card, similar to a Totin' Chip to be able to carry and use smartphones, etc while participating in a Scout function.  Parents/guardians will need to co-sign the card as well.  Cards are available at any troop meeting and will be renewed annually.

Click to download the presentation "Technology Guidelines and the Scout Law". Big file = slow download.

To download the text only Word file, click here.