Meeting Plans March-April 2013

March PLC Meeting

Well attended.  Bryan W helped the PLC make the following decisions:

March 25th
Skill Session : Camp out Jeopardy, Instructors : Ryan R., Nathan C
Game : Lassoing the Steer.

April 8th
Rocket Building, Ethan D. and Nathan C for instruction on Rocket Building ( Skill Session )
Game : Flip the Tarp.

15th of April
Camp out prep.
Skill Session : Aviation Power Points by Aviation Counselor ( Backup will be by Kyle Judge )
Game : Ameba move. ((Saran wrap will be nedded. Lots of it.))

22nd of April
Skill Session : Biking by a bike shop guy ((Back up will be Mr. Robb or Mr. Borovka))
Game : Knots Kim's Game

29th of April
Skill Session : Sanitation Presentation by the Lake County? ((Back up will be Spencer B, and Nathan T, Will be going over the First Class Requirements.))
Game : Overtake.

PLC Meeting 23rd of April.
Troop position 26th of April, 6-9:30
Leadership Training ILST. ((More info to come))
Annual Planning April 6th 10-12

Campout for 19-21 of April.
Camp Inspection and Rocket Launching.

prepared by Jonathan L, Scribe of Troop 96.