Climbing at Jamboree

My favorite of jamboree was the climbing section of the Boy Scout national jamboree.  It had two parts, the leap of faith and rappelling and the regular climbing and bouldering. There was also a medical tent because biking was nearby and many kids hurt themselves doing jumps.  The leap of faith consisted of a wire suspended between two towers 40 foot tall with an automatic belay system attached to it.

There was only a fifteen-minute line, so I did it five times.  I enjoyed it so much because it goes against every instinct to jump of a tall tower but once you are in the air it gives you a huge adrenaline rush.

The climbing and bouldering section was also very fun; I did not do any bouldering, but I was able to climb a wall rated 5.9, which is difficult because the scale is 5.1 to 5.13c, I also tried to climb a 5.10 but I fell.  The walls were designed so they could be different difficulties based on what color hand and footholds you used, and you could use the wall itself, which was designed to look like the local natural cliffs.

The rappelling was on the one of the leap of faith towers.  It had three walls made of wood.  The rappelling system was a rope attached to the ceiling, and a little thing in your harness that allowed you to control your speed by moving the rope, and then an automatic belay system in case if your hand slipped.  I did it once and I enjoyed it.

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