Our Ice Boats Really Do Sail!


On a frigid December 30th with the temperature feebly rising to only +8 degrees, David H and his dad braved the ice and snow on Grays Lake to test the first of our ice boats. While I was too late to witness their attempts, I saw them after the test trials and they were all smiles. 

With a few adjustments and tweaks, they pronounced the first runs a success!  Thanks for being test pilots: this means our January Campout is looking even better!  Get the permission slip (above) and let's plan a big outing with the ice boats.


0 #1 Scott Timmins 2013-12-30 20:20
that looks great! Can't wait to give them a run! How about some post-test comments from the young pilot Yeager?

What do we need to do to finish the sails and rigging?

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